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Q: Can I be sure that you are one of the cheapest flyer printing company in Asia?
A: You may do a comparison online to check out the prices in the market.
Q: How can you maintain such a low price and yet deliver in a week?
A: We have many resellers working for us throughout South-East Asia. Through bulk purchasing of supplies, we are able to offer competitive prices.
Q: Can I request for a fixed delivery time?
A: Delivery is Free. We are unable to adhere to your request.
Q: Do you have reseller/agents/design houses special prices?
A: At the moment we are establishing our presence in Singapore and Iskandar Malaysia region. We have plans to accept resellers in the long term.
Q: How can I place my order?
A: Email your design to rip.com.sg@gmail.com and we will proceed from there.

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